Dr. John Zhai is a Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (CEAE) at the University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB). He has a unique and integrated background in both Mechanical and Architectural Engineering with a Doctor degree in Fluid Mechanics (Tsinghua University) and a Ph.D. in Building Technology (MIT). Dr. Zhai has been actively engaged in research activities in the field of fluid/thermal science and building/energy/environment technology since 1994. His particular research interests and expertise include: experimental and numerical study of building thermal and environmental systems;

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 Friday October 7th, 2016

For a Luncheon Seminar Focused on

Healthcare Facility IAQ Seminar

Seminar Topics Include:
*Air Distribution and Contaminant Dispersion in Hospital Operating Rooms
*Natural Ventilation:  Concept and Design

*Legionella Risk Management in Healthcare Facilities

Holiday Inn & Suites
400 Second Ave
Charleston, WV  25303

11:00 am to 2:30 with Buffet Lunch at 12:00
Registration Fee: $40

Register and pay using this link: 
Questions - Contact:

Samuel Butzer - President WVASHRAE

c192@ashrae.net or stb@zmm.com


Air Distribution and Contaminant Dispersion in Hospital Operating Rooms
Effective ventilation is critical to the successful prevention of surgical site infections (SSI) in hospital operating rooms (OR). ASHRAE Standard 170 provides specific requirements for the design of hospital operating room ventilation systems, including specifications for the air change rates, supply air face velocity, room pressurization, diffuser coverage area, return grille locations, and air filtration systems.  This talk reviews and compares various current OR design guidelines.  The focus is to verify and enhance the current design practices for hospital operating rooms by conducting on-site field experiments, full-scale laboratory experiments, and computational modeling.  The talk presents the results from the field measurements of typical OR conditions and typical wound temperatures.  Key findings of air and contaminant distributions in a controlled full-scale laboratory are reported, which are further compared against computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling results.  Potential improvement solutions to the OR ventilation conditions are discussed.

Natural Ventilation: Concept and Design
Natural ventilation is a traditional cost-effective technique to cool and ventilate buildings.  This talk introduces the principles of natural ventilation (NV) including cross-ventilation, single-side ventilation, wind-driven ventilation, and buoyancy-driven ventilation.  Various design approaches and tools, ranging from rules-of-thumb to sophisticated computer modeling, are presented. Advanced NV design concepts (e.g., hybrid ventilation, night cooling etc.) are demonstrated, via a great number of case studies. General procedure of designing a natural ventilated building is introduced, using practical guidelines from design industry.  The challenges of designing and operating a natural ventilated building are also discussed.

Legionella Risk Management in Healthcare Facilities
Presentation shall cover ASHRAE Standard 188 “Legionellosis:  Risk Management for Building Water Systems” with a focus on Healthcare facilities and HVAC systems.  Legionnaires’ disease is a form of pneumonia, which principally affects the elderly (especially males), smokers, dialysis patients and people whose defense systems are impaired.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that in the U.S. there are about 8,000 to 18,000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease every year, with about 3,000 reported. It is caused by the inhalation of aerosolized water droplets of breathable size (1 – 5 µm) contaminated by the infectious strains of Legionella bacteria.  Legionella bacteria can be found in natural water sources (rivers, lakes, or streams), mud, and soil samples. It has been isolated from environmental water sources such as evaporative condensers, cooling towers, air handling equipment and humidifiers.  Legionella can also be found in potable water sources such as shower heads, water fixtures and ice machines.

ASHRAE WV Chapter Presidential Message – Sept 2016
The West Virginia Chapter of ASHRAE is on the precipice of becoming a Premiere Chapter; currently there are only 8 within this top-rated, international society.  As the current president of WVASHRAE, I can only hope to continue on the path our previous chapter Presidents Todd Zachwieja, Grant Spencer and Jennings Davis have tirelessly laid forth.  I want to give thanks for the opportunity to work with an excellent group of volunteers doing great work for West Virginia.  So thank you WV ASHRAE, and thank you West Virginia!

I would like to acknowledge two of our chapter members for their recent accomplishments.  Fellow/Life Member Art Hallstrom was awarded the ASHRAE Society Government Advocacy Award and James Lowry was awarded the Region VII 2015-2016 Chapter Program Star Award.  Congratulations to you both. 

Throughout my presidency, I will also acknowledge the local businesses dedicated to supporting WVASHRAE.  Initially, I would like to thank the companies supporting our Chapter Leaders:  Allegheny Design Services, Midwest Spec., Pickering Associates, Rigney Digital Systems, Trane, ZDS Design/Consulting Services and ZMM Architects & Engineers.  Thank you for allowing them to commit their time and thank you for the financial assistance; your support is very much appreciated.

I look forward to a great year of quality events and pertinent presentations with knowledgeable speakers and great people.  I look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationships with WVAIA, WVUSGBC, WVSHE, EEWV and many more. 

Please take a moment to check out our website www.wvashrae.org and be on the lookout for website updates and information on upcoming events.

Lastly, if you are interested in contributing your time to enhancing and securing the future of WVASHRAE, or you would like more information on how WVASHRAE can benefit you, please contact me personally.

Thank you,
Samuel Butzer, PE, LEED AP BD+C
President ASHRAE West Virginia Chapter

2015-2016 Past President’s Message:

I want to thank and congratulate all of our Chapter Leaders and Members for making this past year a huge success!  We have kept the progress of our new and small chapter moving in the right direction as established by our two past Presidents, Todd Zachwieja and Grant Spencer, and our new President, Sam Butzer, has a great plan and supporting team that will make this an even better year.  WV ASHRAE has received great praise and recognition from our peers at both the Regional level and the Society level.  We are on the verge of receiving the ASHRAE Premiere Chapter Status, which is achieved by meeting PAR in the Presidential Award of Excellence (PAOE) points every year since becoming a chapter.  Below is a look at how our Chapter performed this past year in the PAOE categories:

CTTC- Congratulations to James Lowry for receiving the Region VII Chapter Program Star Award for outstanding performance and taking first place in the region.  James’ efforts resulted in 2650 PAOE points – 10th highest point total in the world.

GGAC – Congratulations to Art Hallstrom for his outstanding achievements this past year.  Art won the ASHRAE Society GGAC Award this past year.  There is only one award recipient chosen from around the world each year. Art took first place in the Region VII GGAC PAOE category with 3095 point – 6th highest point total in the world.

Membership Promotion– Congratulations to Art Hallstrom for taking first place in Region VII with 1945 points – tied for 20th in the world.  This is an outstanding finish in a small state and chapter like ours, especially in a time when many chapters are losing members.

Research Promotion– Congratulations to Ray Wohlfarth for exceeding PAR and for organizing our first Day of Training and Trade Show – this was a big success for us last year and we hope to make it better this year! Ray placed 87th in the world.

Student Activities– Congratulations to David Cotton for exceeding PAR points and placing 35th in the world. David has been instrumental in working with Dr. Ken Means to establish our WVU Student Branch and keeping them on track.  We look to add a Marshall University Student Branch this coming year!

Historical – Congratulations to Joe Rigney for exceeding PAR, tying for 2nd in the Region and tying for 22nd place in the world.  That’s a pretty big accomplishment considering we have a very short history to pull from.

Chapter Operations– We finished with 2450 points – 2nd in the Region behind East Tennessee (2475) and 23rd in the world.

OVERALL – We finished with a total of 13934 PAOE Points and exceeded PAR in all categories.  We took 2nd place in the Region by 4352 points over the 3rd place Chapter and were only 573 points out of 1st place. We finished 17th in the world.

GREAT WORK EVERYONE and THANK YOU for all the time that you put into making our Chapter so successful, after all we are ALL volunteers!

I hope you will all join me in supporting Sam Butzer as we head into this new year and help to keep our Chapter on the path to Premiere Status and more importantly, provide useful, meaningful and educational programs, events and support for our members and State.

Jennings L. Davis II, P.E.
President 2015-2016

Future Meetings after Oct 10

November Meeting (November 11th):
WVU Students
Northern chapter members
Date: TBD
Location: TBD

December – Social Event – Please provide us your input

January 12th, 2017:
At the Charleston Civic Center
Tour of their new and remodeled facilities.
Presentation on the Civic Center Design-Build Process and Selection
Presentation on Variable Primary Chilled Water Systems

January 26th, 2017: (Tentative)
Presentation to WV Association of School Administrators
“Obtaining High Performance School Buildings”
Art Hallstrom, P.E., ASHRAE Fellow
Karen Reagor, State Director, KY NEED Project (National Energy Education Development)
Samuel Butzer, P.E.

February 9th, 2017:
Marshall Students – Engineering and Business
Western Chapter Members
DL - Douglas Zentz
His topics:
1.    How to Communicate in a Professional World with Technical Information
2.    Applied Psychrometrics
3.    Sustaining ASHRAE Through Leadership, Mentoring Our Future

March 22nd, 2017:
Charleston Building EXPO
Charleston Civic Center
DL – Dennis Knight
His topics:
1.    Developing an Integrated Personal Management System.
2.    Integrated Building Design and Building Information Modeling.
3.    Building Performance Analysis for Building Performance Rating Systems.

May 11th, 2017:
WVASHRAE Training and Trade Show
Days Inn in Flatwoods, WV.

Upcoming meetings by Associate Societies:
WV-AIA has a meeting scheduled on September 23rd and November 18th.
WV-USGBC has a tour of a LEED building set for October 5th

To join the WV ASHRAE Chapter or pay WV Chapter Dues use the membership info link. Chapter members get discounts on most chapter events and will get all of our newsletter/mailings. To be a chapter member you need to be an ASHRAE Society member. You can join one or more chapters  if you wish. 

The  ​West Virginia Chapter of ASHRAE provides technical. leadership and education support to the WV Building Owners and Design + Construction + Support Community. Local focus areas: green buildings, energy efficient buildings, Indoor air quality, water management, energy codes, refrigeration, HVAC, energy recovery, zero energy use - primarily in non residential buildings.  ASHRAE is an international organization of over 54,000 members.  ​​

This web site is maintained by the WV ASHRAE Chapter. It does not present official positions of the ASHRAE Society nor reflect Society policy. ASHRAE chapters may not act for the Society and the information presented here has not had Society review. To learn more about ASHRAE activities on an international level, visit the ASHRAE home page at http://www.ashrae.org.  Webmaster: Art Hallstrom, art@ahallstrom.com  Date last updated: Fall 2016.

Dan Weimar is the Manager of Business Development Engineering for Chem-Aqua, a global water treatment company headquartered in Irving, Texas. Over the course of his 36 year career, his primary focus has been steam plant operations and cooling systems with a heavy emphasis in the last 20 years on water and energy conservation.  Dan is a past voting member of ASHRAE’s Technical Committees, TC 3.6 for Water Treatment and TC 8.6 for Cooling Towers/Evaporative Cooling as well as past Chair of the TC 3.6 Handbook Committee for Water Treatment.

indoor environmental quality; immune and sustainable building design and technology development. As a principal investigator, Dr. Zhai has completed over 50 projects in the areas (including 9 ASHRAE research projects and 3 ASHRAE senior design projects) and published over 130 technical papers in reputed journals and conferences. Dr. Zhai was one of the first who developed the fundamental theory and feasible implementation of integration of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with Energy Simulation (ES) and his papers are widely cited by the peers.

Dr. Zhai is an active member of ASHRAE. He is a voting and PMS member for ASHRAE Technical Committee (TC) 4.10 - Indoor Environmental Modeling, as well as a corresponding member of TC 5.6 – Control of Fire and Smoke, TC 4.3 – Ventilation Requirements and Infiltration, and TC 5.3 – Room Air Distribution. Dr. Zhai also serves as a faculty advisor for the ASHRAE UCB student branch. Dr. Zhai is a member of International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) and International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ). He was an invited member for The Committee of Immune Buildings by The US National Academies and The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), an invited building expert for National Laboratory Assessment by The US National Academies and National Research Council (NRC), and an invited non-member roundtable speaker by The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). Dr. Zhai has been serving as Conference Chairs, Advisory/Scientific Committee Members, Track and Session Chairs for many building, energy and environment related conferences and symposiums. 

Dr. Zhai is an Associate Editor for Energy and Buildings Journal and an Editorial Board Member of Building Simulation International Journal, Journal of Building Physics, Indoor and Built Environment Journal, Journal of Energy, Journal AIMS Energy, as well as invited guest editors for several international journals. Dr. Zhai received the Young Researcher Award (2007) and the Research Development Award (2010) from UCB-CEAE, as well as the University Sustainability Award of Green Faculty (2008). Dr. Zhai was granted the Best Paper Award of International Journal of Building Simulation (2008) and the William Mong Visiting Research Fellowship in Engineering from The University of Hong Kong (2009). He also received the Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation Project Award (2007) and the Distinguished Service Award of ASHRAE (2010) and was named Distinguished Lecturer by ASHRAE (2014).

Copyright WV ASHRAE. This web site is maintained by the WV ASHRAE Chapter of ASHRAE. It does not present official positions of the Society nor reflect Society policy. ASHRAE chapters may not act for the Society and the information presented here has not had Society review. To learn more about ASHRAE activities on an international level, contact the ASHRAE home page at http://www.ashrae.org.