Welcome to our NEW ASHRAE Members
Mr William L Johnson has joined ASHRAE and our local WV Chapter. He is with Mason & Barry, Inc.  Welcome aboard!
Will Dempsey,  Membership Promotion Co-Chair.    

Upcoming events in WV ASHRAE 

Jan 26, 2017 - WVASA Meeting - Information item:
Presentation on "Dollars for Students, Not Energy" to WVASA School Superintendents by  WV ASHRAE President Sam Butzer and NEED Regional Coordinator Karen Reagor. Part of an ongoing effort with the WV Dept of Energy to build and operate more sustainable schools. 

Jan 28-Feb 1, 2017 ASHRAE Winter Meeting and AHRI EXPO in Las Vegas.
A Winning Hand: ASHRAE 2017 Winter Conference, AHR Expo in Las Vegas [Anchor]
We're hoping you plan to register the 2017 ASHRAE Winter Conference at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. An excellent conference planned, including: 
100+ sessions within 8 Conference Tracks including the Water-Energy Nexus, Building Operation and Performance, Climate Change and Its Effects on HVAC&R Design, and more. 
200+ PDH's available through Technical Sessions and ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) courses. PDH's are recognized by most U.S. states. AIA LU's and LEED AP credits are also available. 
600+ Technical Interest Committee Meetings you can attend, to see first-hand how ASHRAE volunteers set the direction for the industry's technology. 
2,000+ Exhibitors at the ASHRAE Co-Sponsored AHR Expo. Find solutions to problems in today's ever-changing building technology landscape through exhibitors' products and technologies.
Free access to the Virtual Conference until July 2018. Includes access to all seminars, technical papers and conference paper presentations, as well as most special sessions. Presentations can be downloaded as podcasts so you can listen on the go, and PDH's are available upon successful completion of a session quiz.
Our Region VII is also hosting a dinner party Sunday night, Jan 29.. Details at www.ashraeregion7.org.

February 9th, 2017: Chapter Meeting 
Marshall Students – Engineering and Business and Western Chapter Members invited
DL - Douglas Zentz
His topics:
1.    How to Communicate in a Professional World with Technical Information
2.    Applied Psychrometrics
3.    Sustaining ASHRAE Through Leadership, Mentoring Our Future

February 19-25, 2017  Engineers Week (EWeek) 2017 

March 22, 2017: WV EXPO
Session:   8-9 am  WV ASHRAE Board Meeting: Conference Room 
Session: 9-10 am, WV ASHRAE Chapter Meeting  
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer – Dennis Knight
His topics:
1.    Developing an Integrated Personal Management System.
2.    Integrated Building Design and Building Information Modeling.
3.    Building Performance Analysis for Building Performance Rating Systems.
Art Hallstrom, P.E. ASHRAE Fellow
His Topics:
1.    Advanced Residential Homes - Determining value
2.    Advanced air cleaning options to reduce mold and medical setting acquired infections.

​May 11th, 2017: WV ASHRAE Annual Training and Trade Show
Days Inn in Flatwoods, WV. 

Chapter Research Promotion Update:
Goal:   $2500      Amount Donated to Date: $1390. Please help us reach our June 2017 goal to support ASHRAE Research by contributing at:   https://xp20.ashrae.org/secure/researchpromotion/rp.html
Contributions are tax deductible. All the WV Chapter Officers have contributed. We are a Full Circle Chapter.  Jennings Davis, P.E.,  Research Promotion Chair. ​

Chapter Information
To join the WV ASHRAE Chapter please use this link https://www.ashrae.org/membership--conferences/join-now. To pay chapter dues contact our treasurer John Pruitt jap@zmm.org. Paid Chapter members get discounts on most chapter events and our newsletter/mailings. To be a chapter member you need to be an ASHRAE Society member. You can join one or more chapters  if you wish. 

The  ​West Virginia Chapter of ASHRAE provides technical. leadership and education support to the WV Building Owners and Design + Construction + Support Community. Local focus areas: green buildings, energy efficient buildings, Indoor air quality, water management, energy codes, refrigeration, HVAC, energy recovery, zero energy use - primarily in non residential buildings.  ASHRAE is an international organization of over 55,000 members.  ​​

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