March 2, 2018: WVU Student Branch Meeting - WV ASHRAE will be sponsoring a Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Social prior to the WVU Student Branch meeting at the WVU Engineering Building.  We have arranged to have a speaker presenting VRF system efficiency, applications, and case studies.  This meeting will be followed by a behind the scenes tour of the WVU Recreation Center located on the Evansdale Campus.

March 21, 22, 2018: WV EXPO - Multiple Presentations. Terry Townsend, Past ASHRAE President and ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer will present three sessions.  Art Hallstrom, P.E. ASHRAE Fellow will present an Overview of DOAS for High Performance Buildings.  Visit our EXPO meeting page here to find out more details.  We are also seeking sponsors for the sessions and refreshments - contact Shane Hall at Shall@mwspec.com.

April 19, 2018: Training/Trade Show Day - Days Inn, Flatwoods WV
Focus: Geothermal for High Performance Buildings

We have four training sessions scheduled for this event.  Two presentations will be provided by Alan Niles, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, a Panel Discussion on different types of equipment related to Geothermal/Water Loop systems and a presentation on Indoor Air Quality monitoring and control technology.  Please visit our TRADE SHOW page for more details, registration and to sign-up as a sponsor.

April 19, 2018: ASHRAE Webcast - Making Energy Efficiency a Reality (see below).

Government Advocacy News  - IMPORTANT RECENT UPDATES

West Virginia Legislators taking action to update State Building/Energy Codes

West Virginia is taking action to allow for an update to the State Building Energy Codes.

West Virginia adopted ASHRAE 90.1-2007 for Commercial Buildings in early 2013 to statue. Since then, all the other states surrounding WV have adopted newer ASHRAE 90.1 Standards.  Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia are on 90.1-2010 or its equivalent and Maryland is equivalent to ASHRAE 90.1-2013.  Overall, 43 States have energy codes more progressive than WV, of these, seven have adopted ASHRAE 90.1-2013 or 2016.

To stay in sync with other states and help keep WV’s building operating costs competitive, the WV State Fire Commission asked Governor Justice to support a governor’s bill to remove the 2013 language from statue and allow the Legislative Rule, State Building Code, to adopt the codes.  Legislators introduced House Bill HB-4444 and Senate Bill SB-565 to remove ASHRAE 90.1-2007 (and IEEC 2009 for residential) from the state statutes. Later this spring, the State Fire Commission’s, Legislative, Codes and Regulatory Committee, which is chaired by Ted A. Shriver, Architect, who was just elected to another term thru 2021, will be seeking input on which version of ASHRAE 90.1 Standard they should adopt. This new code could be ASHRAE 90.1-2010, 2013 or 2016.  The WV ASHRAE Chapter will be providing the committee and the commission with input on the three Standards in March.  If any WV ASHRAE member would like to be involved in this process, please contact Mr. Art Hallstrom, P.E., WV ASHRAE GGAC Chair at c192ggac@ashrae.net before Feb 24.

West Virginia is starting to Energy Benchmark State K-12 Schools

This effort, lead by the State Energy Office and WV Office of School Facilities will be assisted by the WV ASHRAE Chapter. ASHRAE members involved in energy management benchmarking efforts with WV Public K-12 Schools are asked to let Art Hallstrom, Chapter GGAC Chair, (c192ggac@ashrae.net) know which schools or districts they are currently working with. Schools not signed up for will be offered to other engineers willing to do pro-bono support in benchmarking and Energy Star submissions.  This is a multi-year project and will likely involve other groups like MEEA, SEEA, NEEP and NEED.  The newly committed support from these other groups will help in the effort to make WV school buildings competitive with those in other states.  

ASHRAE is excited to announce the new ashrae.org site is now live! The site is device responsive so you can easily navigate through pages on your smartphone, tablet or computer. And even though it's new, they're sure you'll quickly find what you're looking for thanks to streamlined content and mega-menus offering more information at a quick glance. Additional key features that you'll be excited about:

  • Enhanced Amazon Elastic search engine provides thousands of relevant results from ashrae.org, ASHRAE's Bookstore, ASHRAE's Technology Portal and more.  
  • The opportunity for locally-targeted content based on a website visitor's location.  This feature will continue to evolve over time as content is made available (so some may see it sooner than others).
  • Aggregated social feed showcasing Society and industry related news from around the world. 

You can learn more about the new website and watch a quick video overview of key features. We hope you find the new site easier to navigate and more accessible. Your questions and comments are welcome; please send them to communications@ashrae.org. 

Thank you for your support of ASHRAE!  

U.S. Department of Energy Requests Input on Energy Conservation Standards

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is evaluating the potential use of a market-based mechanism such as an averaging, trading, fee-based or other type of market-based policy mechanism for the U.S. Appliance and Equipment Energy Conservation Standards (ECS) program. DOE is soliciting input on this approach, and published a Request for Information, with comments due on or before February 26, 2018. For more information and to submit comments, please click here.

ASHRAE Launches New Building Energy Quotient Portal

ASHRAE has announced the recent launch of the Building Energy Quotient (Building EQ) Portal, which provides a faster, more automated approach to receive a Building EQ Performance Score.

“The primary goal of the Building EQ program is to promote more energy efficient buildings and give owners actionable recommendations to improve a building’s energy use,” says Hugh Crowther, Building EQ committee chair. “We’re excited to launch this integrated resource that will help users identify opportunities to lower building operating cost and make informed decisions to increase value.”

To find out more, visit the Building EQ page on ASHRAE.org.

SAVE THE DATE - If you can't make it to WVASHRAE' Day of Training/Trade Show, tune in for FREE to this ASHRAE Webcast - April 19, 2018  |  1:00pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Is advanced technology alone solving the case for energy efficiency? Delivering meaningful energy efficiency in buildings often requires debunking myths about building products, performance and solutions. This webcast will focus on strategies and policies that dive into deep efficiency goals. Featured ASHRAE speakers will address myths and realities they’ve discovered through real life experiences. Viewers will learn how a practical design approach can help achieve optimum energy performance in commercial and high-rise residential buildings across the globe. With varying climates and economies, one must consider a holistic approach when assessing a building and its systems.

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