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2015 - 2016 Chapter Year History Information

2015-2016 Chapter Leaders:
President – Jennings Davis II, P.E. Grant Spencer
President-Elect – Sam Butzer, P.E.
Vice President – Shane Hall
Secretary – Ted A. Zachwieja III
Treasurer – John Pruett, P.E.
Governor - Grant Spencer

Governor – Todd Zachwieja, P.E.
Governor – Art Hallstrom, P.E.
Governor – Dan Nolte

Governor - Ray Wohlfarth
CTTC Chair – James Lowry, P.E.
Membership Promotion Chair – Art Hallstrom, P.E.
Research Promotion Chair – Ray Wohlfarth
Student Activities Chair – David Cotton, P.E.
GGAC Chair – Art Hallstrom, P.E.
Historian – Joe Rigney
YEA Chair – Ted A. Zachwieja III

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