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We thank ALL who attended our meetings on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at the WV EXPO.  We also would like to thank our guest speakers for this event, Mr. Terry E. Townsend, P.E.  Past ASHRAE President and Distinguished Lecturer and Mr. Arthur D. Hallstrom, P.E., WVAHSRAE BOG and GGAC Chair.

Meeting Schedule (Conference Room 204):

10AM-11AM - Getting From AEDGs to Net-Zero Energy Buildings:  

                          Presented by Terry Townsend

ASHRAE’s Vision 2020 Producing Net Zero Energy Buildings establishes a time-line to develop the necessary guidance to achieve Net-Zero Energy Buildings by 2020. The basis for this guidance will be the Advanced Energy Design Guides (AEDGs) series as well as publications pertaining to advanced Indoor Environmental Quality and Comfort. Today there are numerous examples of Net-Zero Energy Buildings as demonstrated during ASHRAE’s Net-Zero and Beyond Conference in 2009. This presentation will cover the guidance contained in the existing AEDG documents for different building types and climatic zones, IEQ design guidance for high performing buildings, along with examples of buildings that have successfully demonstrated 30%, 50% and greater savings over the requirements of 90.1 including various Net-Zero Energy facilities. Various levels of “Prescriptive Guidelines” will be provided for all building systems and components along with “Lessons Learned” by the participants who have achieved Net-Zero Energy Buildings.

11AM-12PM - Steps Toward Achieving Advanced Energy Performance in Existing Buildings

                          Presented by Terry Townsend

The Existing Buildings comprise 98% of the building stock globally and are the primary reason that the CBECS Energy Utilization Indices (EUIs) have been steadily increasing since 1999. This presentation will present a comprehensive step-wise sequence for achieving various levels of increased energy efficiency from an existing building’s current EUI situation to a 15% or 30% improvement, to bringing the building to the level of energy efficiency up to the current 90.1 Standard requirements to an ultimate energy savings target of achieving a 30% increased energy efficiency over 90.1. Economic scenarios and business-case based examples will be presented for these various energy savings levels as well as detailed explanation of how the technical retro-commissioning process should be used to develop both short-term and long-term strategies in achieving the sought energy savings levels.

1PM-2PM - What HVAC System is becoming very popular in the world and why?

                     Presented by Art Hallstrom

Come and find out why Dedicated Outside Air Systems (DOAS) are becoming the system of choice for many buildings. New or retrofits. DOAS is an advanced energy efficient ventilation system that can be used with fan coils, VRF, chilled beams, rooftops – virtually any sensible heating/cooling system. Washington State likes it so much it is required in all new buildings unless modeling proves another system uses less energy. DOAS was used in the ASHRAE HQ renovation and in many zero energy school projects. This presentation will be a DOAS overview, highlighting the latest innovations and products.

2:15PM - 3:15PM Ethics in Construction & Design 

                                  Presented by Terry Townsend

Most people think that ethics only pertains to professional designers but contractors and equipment representatives also have ethical guidelines that should be adhered to in their professional activities. This program integrates formal presentation of “discovery” information by the appropriate Ethics Boards and the audience is queried (in groups led by an engineer, contractor and equipment rep) to determine the judgement the respective Ethics Boards handed down for the real-life individual cases. Some may even become dismayed because what is perceived as a straight-forward decision is not what was arrived at by the respective Ethics Boards.
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