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WV ASHRAE Chapter Gold Members as of August 7, 2015
Mr Samuel T Butzer, PE
Mr Alexander Lowell Clarkson
Mr Steven Cook
Mr David A Cotton, Jr
Mr Scott Allen Cowley
Mr Jennings L. Davis, II
Mr David G Dial
Mr Shane Hall
Mr Arthur D Hallstrom, PE
Mr C Grey Harris, II
Mr David J Hilliard
Mr Ramzi Hourani
Mr Patrick Isom
Mr Nadeem A Khan
Mr Kevin Mark King
Mr John R La Barbara
Mr James W Lowry, PE
Mr Mark McLean
Mr Dan A Nolte
Jerry Priddy
Mr John Pruett, PE, LEED AP
Mr Chuck Allen Ray
Mr John J Rigney
Mr Paul David Rigney
Mr Thomas Ivan Roberts Jr.
Mr Robert K Settle, PE
Mr David Skeen
Mr Nelson C Smith
Mr Grant H Spencer
Dr Paul O Steranka, Jr
Mr David Strader
Mr Todd Watson
Mr Raymond Wohlfarth
Mr Kenneth Young
Mr Ted A. Zachwieja, III
Mr Todd A Zachwieja, PE

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