WVU ASHRAE Student Branch, Morgantown, WV

Dr Ken Means is the Student Branch Adviser

WVU Student Chapter Elects and Installs New Officers

The student branch meets 4 to 5 times a year.

For being a Student Branch Leader, each Officer receives a $100 grant from the WV ASHRAE Chapter annually. 

WVU News


WVU "Solar House" team has been formed. They have been accepted to compete in the Solar Decathlon competition. Point of Contact is Michelle Jamshidi, West Virginia University,
Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate, Email: mpjamshidi@mix.wvu.edu

WVU 2014 Sustainability Project

Developing Countries Sustainable Power Source

The project was performed for New Vision, LLC a sustainable energy organization in Philippi, WV focused on producing power for third world countries where there is no infrastructure. The WVU student team was comprised of six students-Chris Culp, Richard Evans, Thomas Teter, Edward Liu, William West, and Siyuan Wu. They were directed by Dr. Ken Means, PE , ASHRAE life member, and Graduate Research Assistant Ted Corgan. The focus of the project was to design and test a small solar system that could provide light and power to locations without electricity. The solar panels were enhanced with reflectors that increased battery charging by 40%. An automated guidance system was also designed and tested that kept the solar panel directed toward the sun without using battery power. 3M Corporation provided the state of the art reflector material used in the solar system design.

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